Personalized Homepage

From start to finish, make your users feel understood. Your homepage can be the place for discovery that users love perusing.

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User preferences can be a bit scattered - identify micro-trends and display affiliated items


Show users what's hot right now among users like them and keep them hooked.

Movie Explorer

Foster User Relationships

Your interaction with your users doesn't have to end when they leave your site. With custom compilations, become a part of their life, not just a utility.

Personal Emails

Follow-up on user engagements on your site with reminders, suggestions, and catalog updates catered to them.

Weekly Digest

Don't let users miss out on their favorite items. Make them excited to hear from you every week and watch them discover more and more.


Always Relevant Content

Keep users engaged by catering each page and click around their taste.

Smart Sidebars

When your user finds an item they love, don't leave them hanging. With a "Similar Items" sidebar, they'll explore more and more.

User Journey Segmentations

Each major user segmentation explores your site in different ways. Dynamically decide what to present to guide users effectively.

Analytics Dashboard

Deep User Insights

The intelligent Triton engine isn't greedy. We share all our analytics on your users. Visualize a user journey, see user segmentations, and fully understand your users' experience on your app.

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State-of-the-Art and Hassle-Free Tech.


Holistic Understanding

Users and items can be complex. Our hybrid algorithm learns from both continuous user behaviors and static metadata.


Humane Promotions

Bad recommendation engines can seem pushy, creepy, and ineffective. Each user is a dear friend to us, so we focus on adding value to their experience, FOR them.


Compel New Users

Personalizing for new users and items is very difficult. Triton's industry-leading solution to Cold-Start problem engages users immediately.


Adaptive Schemas

Your data is unique. Your optimal model can't be totally generic, it's built around the structure of your data.

Build an Experience

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